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Enter Your Zip Code to See Sampling Events at Your Walmart

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This is super cool!  You can enter your zip code to see what sampling events your local Walmart has planned for you!  The best thing about sampling is that sometimes the person handing out samples also hands out coupons! 

One time I came across someone in the pet food section at Walmart who had a little display set up.  She spotted my coupon box in my shopping cart and asked if I would like some pet coupons. I said sure! She said her time there was done and she gave me ALL HER COUPONS! 

About 2 weeks later I spotted some awesome deals and used the coupons to get 24 boxes of dog bones and 5 bags of kitten food (and the boxes of dog bones had peelies for FREE soft treats so I got 12 for free).  Later, I was able to use more of the coupons to get 5 bags of kitten food for $1.25!

You can bet I will be looking for the sampling events at Walmart!

Walmart Event Finder

You will only be able to narrow it down to a Walmart within 25 miles of you. If you have multiple stores, click on the little + in front of the event link and it will drop down a list of stores with the times of the events.

Example: if I type in my zip code 04073 I see this…

Then if I click on the little + sign in front of Cascadian Farm like you see here…

I discover that the Cascadian Farm event is on 5/6 from 1pm to 6pm and is in Biddeford, Rochester and Scarborough, but not Sanford :O(


Thanks for the heads up I Heart the Mart!  Photo:


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