Fabric Frenzy #10 – ADD ON: Elephant Parade (FF10-39)

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ADD ON ITEM!!!  Please only order this if you are already placing another order (no min order needed, any other order is fine!).  I do not want to ship just this item alone.  I want it to go in another package so I don’t incur any additional shipping. If you order multiples of this item, please change the quantity during checkout instead of ordering this one item a bunch of times. Thanks!!!

This is yardage, not an actual panel. But since it needs to be fussy cut so as not to lose any print, I’m treating it like a panel.

I did not want to pre-cut in case you’d like a LONG continous piece to use for backing a quilt.  No need for backings to be boring!  So if you order mutiples (please change quantity during checkout) you will get one continuous piece.

I’m showing you in the first image where I’m going to fussy cut. You will get 2 strips of the elephants. You will also get 2 strips of that border-type pattern.

You get 6 complete elephants, 3 facing left, 3 facing right. You also get 2 partial elephants for your crumb quilt stash!

The “panel” is 35 inches tall (so almost a yard) by 42 inches wide.  

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

ADD ON ITEM (see details above)
ADD ON: Elephant Parade (FF10-39)
Patreon Price: $4.00
 (will ship any order)
will not be available on ebay


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