Fabric Frenzy #11 – ADD ON 1 Yard Homespun Fabric Lot 1 (FF11-10) – SOLD OUT

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ADD ON ITEM Please only order from this page IF YOU ARE PLACING A REGULAR ORDER for an item that is NOT an Add On. Add On items need to be added to regular orders. This allows me to offer you smaller dollar items yet helps keep my shipping costs down. If you order multiples of add on items, please change the quantity during checkout instead of ordering one particular item a bunch of times. Thanks!!!

This is HOMESPUN cotton. It’s a more rustic cotton (made in a factory) similar to how cotton looked and felt when it was actually spun in the home… hence, homespun. It’s typical to find little imperfections and nubs woven into the fabric. These are not defects but are a characteristic of the fabric.

You get ONE YARD of the print you see above.  If you order multiples, you will get separate one yard cuts since they are already cut. These are the odd ball leftovers from the homespun lots that I sold.

The fabric is usually 42 to 44 inches wide including the selvage.

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

SOLD OUT ADD ON ITEM (see details above)
ADD ON 1 Yard Homespun Fabric Lot 1 (FF11-10)
Patreon Price: $5.00
 (ships with any order)
will not be available on ebay


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