Fabric Frenzy #14 – India Tapestry 352-01 (FF14-37) – SOLD OUT

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This tapestry measures about 55 inches wide by 85 inches tall and is a bit smoother than some, slightly tighter weave. I like it!


100% Cotton India Tapestry.

The top image is from the insert in the package. I’m using that to show you the design. That insert is glossy paper and the colors might not be accurate. I took one tap out of the bag for each print to give you a better idea of the colors. Please remember that colors still might show as true due to lighting, my camera settings or even your screen settings.

Tapestries can have a strong dye scent which washes out in one or two washes.  I also wash mine alone or with like colors the first time. Tumble dry. 

These tapestries are screen printed. The design is not woven in.  The taps can also have irregularities in the print (some done on purpose to make it look like a wood block print) and also in the weave (very common). You can even find hair sometimes (camels carry them around) or sand (dried on the ground in the sun).

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SOLD OUT India Tapestry 352-01 (FF14-37)
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