Fabric Frenzy – 50 Scrappy Precuts Batiks No Duplicates (FF-859)

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You get 50 scrappy pre-cuts for your fabric addiction!

There are no duplicates, at least not that I see. There might be some with the same print but in different colors.

Please remember that some batiks have variegated colors.  I might cut a block that is pink and the block next to it might be green.  This means some of the blocks you receive might vary in color from the images. Also, some prints look a lot alike, but I picked for all different bolts. There should be no exact dups.

These blocks are cut on the fold and might be anywhere from about 5 to 5.5 inches tall or wide.  You should be able to trim to 5 inches square if you like.

There are no solids and no holiday prints.  You get the exact prints that you see.

These pieces are perfect for scrappy quilts, patchwork quilts, crumb quilts and can be cut down for postage stamp quilts!

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

SOLD OUT 50 Scrappy Precuts Batiks No Duplicates (FF-859)
Patrons/Members: $10.00 + FREE shipping
will be $12.50 on ebay


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