FLASH SALE – 4 Fat Quarters Batiks – Dots (FS-47)

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You get 4 Fat Quarters of Batik, one of each of the prints shown above.

A fat quarter measures about 18 inches tall by half the width of the fabric, usually about 21 to 22 inches including the selvage on one end. You can usually use the selvage with batiks!


100% Cotton Batik – Batik cotton is a dyed fabric using removable wax as a resist. It has a high thread count so it’s a tighter weave with very little fraying. It’s very easy to sew! It can be mixed with other quilt cotton in quilts. It’s usually pre-shrunk during the dyeing process and since it is rinsed, it’s usually colorfast.  It’s normal to find some wax residue on this fabric which can be scraped off with your fingernail or it will usually wash out. This fabric can also have irregularities in the print which is part of the character of the dyeing process.


SOLD OUT 4 Fat Quarters Batiks – Dots (FS-47)
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