FREE GIFTS for New Patrons plus You Can Earn Free Gifts Too!

Something New for the New Year!

I have something new and exciting for the new year!  I’m going to start free gift campaigns to hopefully get some new patrons on board for my fabric sales.

Why am I doing this?

I am losing lots of patrons and members who are not here for the fabric. I totally understand that. But in order to keep my exclusive prices down, I must get new patrons on board who want to join for the fabric.  I take the total pledges into consideration when I set my prices.  I often sell fabric AT COST or AT A LOSS on the smaller lots that I sell.  I’m good with that.  But if my total pledges keep going down (they are dropping quick!!!), I will need to either go up on my fabric prices or I will have to drastically change the way I sell fabric. I’ll need to switch to only larger lots, or if I continue to sell smaller lots, I’ll need to set a minimum order. I need new patrons so I can keep things the same with no major changes.

Here’s how I hope to gain new patrons!

If someone becomes a new first time patron during one of my campaigns, they will get a free gift. No additional purchase necessary. I will send them the free gift simply because they joined.

Here’s how you can help and how you can get free gifts too!

If you bring in new patrons, you will also get the same free gift!  If you are a $5 patron or $4.99 youtube member, you can earn up to 5 free gifts per campaign.  If you are a grandfathered $3 patron, you can earn up to 3 free gifts per campaign.  You do not need to make any additional purchase to get your free gifts. I will send your free gifts when the campaign is over. NOTE: Free gifts are for USA only.

Do they have to join patreon?

For now, yes.  I don’t think there is a way for me to get mailing addresses from youtube members when they join.  I can do that with patron.  I also get notices via email when someone new joins patreon. I get no notices at all when new youtube members join.

How do we get people to join?

I have campaign details for you below. You can use my image and copy the details (or use your own wording) and share to your social media.  DO NOT SPAM any social media that is not your own.  That means do not post on any platform unless you are the owner of that account. If you are an admin for a group or page, be sure you get the owner’s permission before you post.

How will you know I sent them to you?

That’s the tricky part.  I won’t know unless they tell me.  You can instruct them in your post to “let Darlene know I sent you” or something like that. They can either post a comment inside patreon or they can send me a private message inside patreon.  If you know for a fact someone joined, let me know their patreon name and I will confirm it.  Please DO NOT SHARE any of my email addresses on your social media and tell people to contact me that way. Seriously. Please. Don’t. I’m begging you.

Does this make sense?

I hope this makes sense!  This is a brand new idea and I’m sure I’ll have to make some changes moving forward. I’m bound to find kinks along the way. Or I might come up with better ideas to make this work for all of us. All I know is I must make this work. And I’d love your help!

Will you be doing this freebie offer again?

I hope so! I’d like to do this maybe twice per month, at the beginning of each month and maybe mid month. Or maybe just once per month. I just don’t know.  It all depends on how well this works.  If I can get even 2 new members on board during this first attempt, I will do it again! And like I said, expect me to make changes along the way. 

You’d really be happy with only 2 new patrons?

YES!  Even 2 new patrons would be an awesome start because it’s very hard to get people on board. If I can get 2 newbies who come in for the freebies, with more hard work, I can bring in 20 more… then 200 more.  It’s only a matter of figuring out how to add another zero to the number.  Simple as that!

If this does not work, when will your prices go up?

First, I’m doing everything in my power to NOT go up on prices. If I do need to make price changes, I would let everyone know well in advance.  I would not make any changes in the current month. I’d give you plenty of notice so you could leave your platform and not get charged for the next month.

Here’s is the first campaign:

Campaign date:  Jan 1 through Jan 5 – you can post multiple times during these dates.

Free Gift for this campaign: 40 rotary cut 2″ squares, 10 different prints, 4 of each print. Prints are random and may differ from the image. 

Note: If you earn multiple free gifts by referring someone, you might get up to 5 identical sets. You might get different sets. It all depends on how many I have cut.  If I need to cut more, the prints will vary. I’ll try to give you a variety if I can.

What to post: You can use my images. You can use whatever text you like. You can mention that you will also get a free gift if they join or you can leave that part out. Totally up to you.

Sample of text you can use in your post (please include one of the images too):
Become one of Darlene’s patrons today and get a FREE GIFT simply for joining! You will get 40 of her 2″ rotary cut squares. You will also be able to shop her Fabric Frenzies and Flash Sales at Reduced Prices.  Join now and take advantage of all of her January sales! (USA only) Please let her know I sent you. Thanks!
Join here:

DO NOT spam platforms you do not own.

DO NOT give out my email address.


Thank you to any of you who try this! I’ll never know if this works if I don’t at least try. We only need 2 new members to make me do a happy dance!!!  I’ll be promoting this on all my social media over the next few days and I hope you can share on yours too. Fingers crossed!