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Friday Chat – New eBay Auctions, Snippets of My Life, Plans for Today

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Tuesday is going to be here so soon!  So much to do!  Today, I really must get the front room straightened out. That’s where both Skylar and I sleep.  It’s a mess.

Yesterday, I didn’t get any cleaning accomplished.  I did, however, put my new shower head thing on.  I will be testing it today. Pretty sure I will like it.  As long as it sprays water on me, that’s all I need.

Didn’t I do anything else yesterday that needed to be done?  Please tell me I did more than the shower head! lol  I think that was it. So sad.

As for stuff I normally do, I uploaded 3 videos, but they were quickies.  One was for some Fat Quarters I had on hand to sell.  As soon as I put that notice on youtube, they sold immediately.  I didn’t even have time to put the notice on facebook. The fabric is in the mail to its new homes!

The second one was another Snippets of My Life video. Nothing exciting.  Just boring stuff that I captured over 3 days.  I’ll have to start doing exciting things just so I can continue that series. lol

Then I ended by putting a few things on ebay.  Just trying hard to move some stuff because it all gathers up quick.  I have the Wonky Quilt and two Tote Bags up for grabs. These are auction format and it looks like at least two of the items will find new homes. Happy about that!

Today, not sure.  Changing my toilet seat.  Oh, and yes, the front room.  I seriously need to do that.  I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to just get stuff done.  It brings down.  It brings me so down that it makes me not even enjoy my work that I love so much.  Oh well. Just sucks. I can live with that. lol

As for videos, no clue! None at all.  I’d love to say Upcycled Fashions, but that seriously might get put on hold until Skylar’s visit is over. Those take me so long to record and to edit. I just don’t see myself having the time to do that.  I did want so much to knock one out before she arrives.

Have a great Friday! Darlene xoxo

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