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Friday Chat – Completely Sleep Deprived

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It’s Friday!

And  I don’t know what I’m running on, but I know it’s not energy due to a good night’s sleep. I feel like I have not slept for a week.  I blame that on the fact that I had an appointment yesterday. I stress over the fact that I have a change in my schedule like that. I stress for days, even weeks, before it happens. Now the appointment is over, but last night I could not sleep due to all the shit I think about after the appointment. I don’t think about the appointment outcome. That’s not what consumes my thoughts. I think about how I sounded, was I stupid, did I talk too much (I totally talked too much), did I spit, how was I sitting.  OMG, I can’t live with myself.

I will be updating about the actual appointment in patreon soon. And I’m sure I’ll go off on a rant about how stressed out I am, and will always be, over appointments. I can’t believe I have fucking surgeries to face. I’ll have to get up EARLY for that! I’ll have a fucking catheter! I’ll need to bring meat with me!  Stressed. So stressed.

Even though I’m sleep deprived, I’ve still been able to accomplish quite a bit. I’m having a blast with my penny auctions.  It’s the slowest way I know to get rid of the gazillion totes of fabric that I own, but at least I’m willing to finally be able to part with some of this stuff. Although, it’s still a big struggle.  I get very close to listing some stuff but then I often back out simply because I don’t think I can part with those particular scraps. I feel sick. I want to cry. What a hot mess I am. The stuff up for sale so far might fill a shoe box. Only 4,999 shoe boxes to go.

I hit Marden’s yesterday after my doctor appointment.  I picked up fabric for my next frenzy (August 30 – Sept 2) and I recorded a Fabric Frenzy Update for those who are interested.  If you are not a patron and don’t want to be, you really need to at least be part of my Peanut Gallery group so you can get in on the ebay portion of the sale. I post all notices in that group.

I really need to get busy.  I also have a phone call I must make today to my urologist. I hate that so much. I’d love to put that off until Monday, but then I’d think about that all weekend. I don’t know what is worse, doing it or dwelling on it. Both suck.  I need a personal assistant!!!

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