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Friday Chat – How to Make Plarn, Quilt Block #10, Must Open Mail Today!

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It just dawned on me that today is Fan Mail Friday!  I totally meant to record that on Thursdays so it would be ready for Friday. But yesterday was busy as my mother had a followup appointment for her skin cancer surgery.  All is good!  She is healing nicely.

Obviously, the first thing I will record today when I’m fully awake is my peanut gallery mail opening.  I can’t wait!

After that, I really want to get some items listed on ebay.  I have a bunch of paper beads coming out on Saturday.  I love doing the bead listing once per month.  It makes it so much easier on me and I’m much more relaxed during the month making the beads because there is no rush and no pressure.  If I go an entire week without making beads,  all is okay!  As long as I have about 20 lots per month, I’m happy.  And less is fine and dandy too.  Again, no pressure. That’s how I’m trying to live my life from now on.

Yesterday, I showed you how to make plarn, which is plastic yarn that you cut from grocery bags (or trash bags).  The plarn can be used for crochet or knitting projects!

I also uploaded quilt block #10 for the block party!  I really love this one!

That’s it for now. I must start my day!  Not sure if I’ll be hanging with Sandy Pro today or not, but the mail opening has to happen first, so expect that video soon.

Have a great Friday!



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