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It’s Friday!

I tripple checked to make sure it really is Friday. Yesterday, when I typed my chat, I said it was Tuesday. I really thought it was Tuesday. I was so glad I noticed my mistake before I networked my post all over the place saying that it was Tuesday when it really was Wednesday. Or so I thought.

I changed my wording in the post and replaced the image above to the Wednesday image. I finished my post and networked it to all my facebook groups only to realize after that it was actually Thursday.   I had to delete the facebook posts, fix my blog post, then network everyting again. Holy fucking shit, I was lost!

Today is Friday. I just checked again. To. Make. Sure.

I have to go out today!  I need to run to Roger’s for ground beef, haddock and liver. But I also have other stuff on my list that I don’t buy there, so I’m hitting Hannaford first. I plan on chatting with you while I’m out and about, so stay tuned for a video later!

When I get home, I need to switch gears and pack orders. I’m hoping so much that I can get the rest done today. I will update in patreon and in the group to let everyone who ordered know if I accomplished all that.  About half the packages went out this morning.

Other than that, I need to rearrange my freezer, especially since I’ll be freezing ground beef. And I’d like to make my mother another meatloaf. I might even freeze some cooked burger patties. That’s convenient not only for her, but for me too! Why on earth have I not done that yet???

Gotta run!  I’m heading to the store now (just past noon) so you can expect a sort of early video. I want to have that published before I start back up with the packages.

Here’s what I have on the blog and youtube since my last update…

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