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I suddenly feel like time is flying by too fast!  For Skylar, it’s not fast enough.  She is homesick.  I totally get that.  She does not feel like going out much and that’s one thing we have always done during her visits, go out and shop or ride or whatever.

I planned on another fabric shopping trip to Marden’s for today, but she simply does not want to go with me.  I will go alone if necessary because I really want another fabric listing and I know she will be motivated to help with the folding a packaging once the fabric is here.  I think.  I hope! It was so fun doing that together last weekend.

And who knows, she may change her mind and come with me.  But I’m thinking she won’t.

We brought Nora home yesterday and we hope to have her one night next week.  After bringing her home, I went to Hannaford alone while Skylar stayed here with my mother.  I did a Tag Along Car Vlog while there.  It felt good to chat with you all alone for a bit!

I’d love to get a concoction video on Skylar’s channel tonight.  I hope I can at least motivate her to do that.  We need to do something fun!  And my mother needs desserts! LOL

At least it’s a gray day and so far not too hot.  That works great for me.

As for videos from me, I will certainly try hard to have something up tonight.  And I am trying hard to find time for a comments video, but that needs to be while Skylar is sleeping.  She is a night owl like me, so it’s very hard to find time for that.  Comments are building up!

And there is always my hair dyeing video. Must do that. Again, I’m just always too sleepy.  I wish so much I could just sleep well and feel great.  Never will happen.  I’ve been a night owl all my life.

Have a great Friday! Darlene xoxo


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