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It’s a beautiful GRAY DAY!  And not hot.  I so needed this!  It makes me feel alive!  I have lots of plans for today including shopping for fabric for ebay listings!

Yes, I said it.  I’m going to attempt a fabric listing.  But here is how it’s going to work.  I do not want to sell the fabric first then go shopping for the fabric after the fact because I have no clue if the timing will be right later.  There are too many factors while Skylar is here.  But I heard it through the grapevine that the sale bins are back.  I want some of that!

My plan is to shop in advance, get the fabric cut and packaged, then do the listing.  Everyone will get to see the exact prints they will receive and when they order.  All I’ll have left to do is get the packages in the mail.  I think this is going to work! Quite sure the fabric will sell and I will not be stuck with it.  And it will be fun for Skylar to help with the mailing process.  She can also help fold the fabric and make the piles.  She won’t be doing the cutting. That is my job.

Other than that, we still need to empty out a dresser for Skylar’s clothing.  Meant to do that yesterday.  It didn’t happen.  It will happen today.  I also have a toilet seat I need to swap out.  I was able to put my new shower head in.  Do love it!  You can see the toilet seat and shower head purchases in this tag along.

Did you see that Skylar is learning to sew on a machine?  Yes, she is!  I’m so freaking excited to see her doing that.  She is doing great so far.  She practiced for about two hours last night and was right back at it this morning.  Now she’s back at mixing paint.  She still loves the paint! lol

Skylar also has a new video on her channel.  She made some Easy Summer Parfait Desserts!  Parfaits are a very fun dessert that kids can put together.  If you don’t feel like making the gelatin or pudding, just buy the ready made cups and use those for a variety of colors!

Happy to announce that my latest 3 auctions found new homes!  And I’m thrilled that my Wonky Quilt is indeed going to a dog, a Boxer pup from Tennessee!  I was hoping so much a dog would be able to enjoy it.  I hope I get to see a pic of the pup enjoying his new blankie.  So excited!  You can see what the winning bids were for my latest creations on ebay here.

Skylar is getting antsy so I better stop now.  We will be taking the cameras with us for our Marden’s trip. Stay tuned!

Have a great Friday! Darlene xoxo


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