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It’s girls’ day out day!  I am hoping to get together with Sandy Pro and Skylar has for the moment agreed to go out with us. LOL  I want to hit Marden’s for a piece of fabric to make Skylar another t-shirt dress.  We will bring her new purple t-shirt to the store with us and I’ll let her pick out a funky print for the skirt part of the dress.  I hope she still wants to go out with us when it comes time to leave the house!

Today, I must also finish cutting the fabric for this weekend’s fabric listing on ebay.  And I need to get my bead auctions finalized for tomorrow’s listing.  That means I need to record a video to promote them.  Busy girl, I am!

What else… oh, I have a vacuum here that needs to be reviewed.  And there is hair dyeing!  Really aiming for hair dyeing on Saturday or Sunday the absolute latest.  Must do!!!  Or I should say, Skylar must do.  I love when she dyes my hair.

Yesterday, I uploaded a Tag Along Car Vlog from Roger’s Parking Lot.  I chatted a bit about how I will change my schedule for when Skylar leaves.  I was also very tired. lol  You can see that here.  I also have a Q & A that Skylar and Nora recorded all on their own.  I’m still editing that.  Might get that up tonight or tomorrow.

Derrick is back in Memphis after 6 days in Minneapolis estimating car damage due to hail.  It was around the clock work for him but that job pays well when out in the field like that.  It was his first time that he traveled for this job and it’s something he’s looking forward to again.  I’m so happy he has jobs that lets him travel!

I guess that’s it for now.  I need to jump in the shower and get ready to hit Marden’s.  Not sure what I will record today.  If I make the dress today, I will for sure try to record that.

Have a great Friday! Darlene xoxo


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