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Friday Chat – Open Mail Today, Easter Toilet Paper Craft, Trash Bag Plarn!

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It’s Friday!  Time for me to open my fan mail today!  I’m so anxious to see what garments I received for my Upcycled Fashions.  I will be creating a simple transformation today.  I already have the garments picked out that I will be using.  So no matter what I get in this week’s mail, I’m committed to the garments I already chose. The new stuff like get marked with names and hung on a rack for me to marvel at while trying to decide what to do with them!

Yesterday, I came up with a cute and easy Toilet Paper Roll Craft that you can do with the kids for Easter.  Or you can make some of the cute bunnies to fill with treats and tuck in Easter baskets. The bunnies are a hit for the young and the old.  My mother has hers sitting right on her little table.  I gave it to her now because I was anxious to show her what I made for my video.  But she’s waiting until Easter to eat her chocolate bar.

I also showed you how to make plarn out of trash bags.  I like this plarn better than grocery bags.  It’s so easy to cut and the loops are much longer.  I also showed a sample of what it looks like when knitted.  Just too fun!

I have so many things I want to do today!  First, I must open mail and get that video uploaded.  I also want to make my upcycled fashion that I’m hoping will be easy.  And I promised to show you rope weaving with a 32 notch loom and I think I’m now ready to try that.  Let’s get this day started!

Have a great Friday!



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