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It’s Friday!  And I got up late.  But that’s okay, I guess.  I needed to get some sleep.  I went to bed last night before 10pm to watch the Amazing Race and thought I’d be able to sleep after that.  Six and a half hours later I was still wide awake.  Just such a monumental waste of time.  I should have never gone to bed that early.

Yesterday, I uploaded a Quilt Block Poll for you to choose your favorite among blocks 6 thru 10.  Please vote here!  And I also ran to Dollar Tree for a few things.  You can see what I got here!

I hope to get together with Sandy Pro today.  I also have lots of videos I can work on.  One is Fan Mail Friday, but it’s going to be a quick one because I only  have one package.  I’ll wait until after the mail comes just in case something else shows up.

Speaking of Sandy Pro, our collaboration is complete!  Sandy painted paper here.  I turned that paper into beads here.  Then Sandy made some fantastic necklaces using those beads here!  Please check out those videos!  We will be doing more collabs soon.  So fun!

I think I must get on the ball and start this day. So much to do! So little time!  And I must go to bed very late tonight.  Hitting the hay early just does not work for me! lol

Have a great Friday!



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