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Friday Chat – Quilt As You Go, Peanut Gallery Mail, Walmart Today?

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Phone woke me up again early this morning.  I keep forgetting to take it off the hook!  Always the same automated junk call.  I don’t care how many times you enter your number of the Do Not Call lists. Just does not work! lol

Today is Friday, and I’m thinking I’ll be hitting Walmart later just to pick up my mother’s pills.  I also need eggs, sewing machine oil, and bubble wrap. How’s that for a shopping list! I do not need meat!  I bout $100 worth of lovely meat at Roger’s yesterday. They had my favorite roasts on sale (shoulder pot/oven roast) and their fresh haddock was just being put out (arrives on thursdays).  I think I grabbed 4 roasts, 4 packages of haddock, liver, bacon ends, 10 lbs of ground beef, and a few things for my mother like bread and potatoes.  I’m set with meat for a while!

I also finished my mother’s quilt yesterday!  I have that Quilt As You Go by Row tutorial for you here.  It came out great and I would totally make another one using this method.

I also uploaded a shocking video announcing that I am now accepting Peanut Gallery Mail!!!  Yes, you heard that right.  Mail. Viewers can now send me old or thrifted clothing for my Upcycled Fashions series and/or Buttons for my button collection.  Watch this video for details!

Now I must get busy.  I have so much to do today!

Have a great Friday!



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