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Happy Friday!

I went to bed a happy camper last night! Guess why?  Because I did some cleaning!  And you cheered me on! At least you did, in my mind. I had you right there with me the whole time! Watch my Speed Cleaning video here. It’s only 1½ minutes long. See how much I got done!

I also did my Youtube Earnings Update for the month of May. Did I reach my $225 goal? You’ll have to watch to find out! I also share my surprising earnings on my brand new Growing Up Crazy channel. That channel might end up being my ticket to a stress-free retirement, emotionally and financially!

As for today, I have lots of plans with Sandy!  We will be going out to bring some of my stuff to the dump, and then also hitting Dollar Tree!  Maybe we can do a Tag Along and both show what we bought. Not sure what all the plans are yet, but I know I’ll be bringing my camera, and I’m sure she will too!

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and my other blog: Growing Up Crazy

Have a great Friday!



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