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Friday Chat – Today is a Day When I Must Fake It

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It’s Friday!

I have too much on my mind.  Health issues, doctor issues, house issues, career choice issues, just the fact that I was ever born issues… not a good day. Not at all.

And I must hit Walmart. It’s the absolute last thing I want to do. I imagined being in rant mode for my tag along video that I feel forced to record. Then I said no. I won’t rant. Instead I’ll do what I do at least 50 percent of the time. I’ll just fake it. I’ll go into performance mode. I’ll try to entertain in an attempt to keep the video light-hearted. I am in no mode to edit a rant.

With all that said, you can expect a video later. A fake one.  Only you get to know this. lol

I’d also love to hit Marden’s but I can’t see myself going both places. Just can’t. So maybe I can hit Marden’s tomorrow. I want to look at fabric panels. Or maybe, just maybe, since my mind is completely shot today, maybe I can come home, put the groceries away. Eat. Rest. And get the fuck back out of the house. Maybe Marden’s is a possibility after all.

Yesterday, I did a lot of recording but nothing the public got to see yet, at least not yet. First, I recorded the last segment of my scrappy afghan video.  I sent that to Derrick for editing and I’ll publish when I get it back.  I totally fell in love with that afghan and I’ve already started a follow-up video for a scrappy block afghan using the same method.

Second, I recorded a whispered vlog for my asmr channel.  I recorded from my new “studio” just to test the sound quality and lighting.  I have not even started editing that yet. I hope to do that at some point today or tonight.

Third, I recorded a very long video for patrons. I was on a roll. Part rant, part clown. I was in quite a mood. And none of it was fake. lol

As much as I hate to go out, I must get this over with. Camera in hand. Taking you with me. I hope you enjoy the outing even though I’ll be miserable. lol

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