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Friday Chat – Upcycled Fashions, Doodle Reload, Going Fabric Shopping Today!

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I was hoping so much to get plenty of sleep last night because I have so much I want to do today. But I did not sleep well and gave up trying at 7:00am.  I’m a wreck!  But I will still try to have a productive day.

One thing I really want to do today is hit Marden’s for fabric for my mother’s quilt.  She asked for a twin sized quilt in specific colors.  I really don’t have a lot of cotton, and what I do have is not in her colors, so I get to go fabric shopping!  You don’t have to twist my arm to do that.   I have not purchased fabric in a very long time because I have a cellar FULL of fabric.  But since my mother’s birthday is coming up (she’ll be 94 on March 19), I want her to have the quilt she asked for.  And I will be recording the making of the quilt for you!

Today, I must also get all my beads packaged and sent to the winners of my auctions.  So if you won some beads, expect those to go out later today for pickup on Saturday.  I also need to get some more stuff listed on eBay!  Right now, I only have these two auctions running, one for a Rag Quilt Tote and one for my Springtime Outfit transformation.

And did you see my new Upcycled Fashions???  OMG, I loved this transformation! And it was sew easy!!! Please check it out.  I also uploaded a Doodle Reload for your viewing pleasure.

Must get this day started!  Have a great Friday!



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