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Happy Friday the 13th!

Is anyone here superstitious?  I am, sometimes. But not about Friday the 13th. To me is just means there might be some silly horror movies on TV. My mother actually likes horror flicks (she’s 93), but she just recently watched a marathon of all the Friday the 13th movies, so I think she’s good for now.

And do you know what the scariest part of the original Friday the 13th movie is for my mother?  At the end when you see Betsy Palmer. Yes! That scares my mother so much!  The expression on Betsy’s face and the way she talks. My mother can’t watch that scene! It has stuck with her ever since that movie came out!  I think that’s just too funny!!! But now that I look again, Betsy Palmer is kind of scary here!!!

Last night I pumped out two videos for your viewing pleasure!  One is a Tag Along with Me and Sandy, and we acted goofy and she startled me with a horn!!!  The other was another pet montage featuring my peanut gallery’s beautiful pets!!!

Tonight I hope to have a cooking video for you! I’m going to make my version of these S’mores Bites but using different ingredients that I’m quite sure my mother will love!

As a reminder, here are my social media accounts! Please remember that I’m not really good with instagram yet and I barely know anything about snapchat, but don’t give up on me! lol

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Have a great Friday!



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