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Friday Chat – Zero Carb Chat with Meat Montage (lol), Paper Beads Galore, Youtube Earnings Tonight!

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I’m awake on the early side for me. I went to bed earlier last night because I was pooped out from the day with my mother.  She had 5 skin cancer spots worked on, 2 which required surgery.  Those were both on her face.  We had to be at the surgeon for 10am which is way too early for both of us.  But we did it!  We were almost 3.5 hours at the office, and she looks like she has been beaten up with black eyes and lots of bandages, but she came out like a trooper!  Very happy that is over with.

I did get to record and upload a Zero Carb Chat for those of you who are interested in that.  If you’re not interested in my carnivore way of life, you are free to watch just for the laugh factor, lol, especially during my Meat Montage! But please, no judgmental comments or you’ll just be wasting your time.  You certainly have the right to your own opinion, but your opinion is your business, not mine.  This cave girl ain’t got time for that!

Don’t forget to check out the awesome Paper Beads that I have up on eBay!  Lots to choose from including a Mixed Lot of 100 Paper Beads!

I hope to record and upload my Youtube Earnings Update for the month of February.  I know lots of you love that series (for some, it’s the only videos of mine that they watch) so fingers crossed that I get that done for tonight!

Have a great Friday!



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