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I’m heading out on a new journey!  I’m going to try a ZERO carb way of life, just to see if it will work even better for me than my LOW carb way of life.  I felt so good eating low carb with very little sugar but I ended up falling off the wagon after about a year of eating that way.  I want back on the wagon, but this time I’m cutting back even more which will make my life even easier. The shorter my food list gets, the less I have to shop!

And don’t worry, this will not be bad for me. Might be bad for you, but not bad for me. I’m doing this for my mental health and will be talking about it. You don’t have to agree with me but if you give me medical advice, I’d like to see your credentials. lol

I talked in depth about this on my Tag Along to Hannaford yesterday. So if you think you might want to watch my progress or failures, you should subscribe to my channel!

I need to go out again today for heavy cream and butter.  I’ll be going to either Walmart or Shaw’s, and I can take my camera into both those stores, so I’ll be taking you in with me!

Have a great Friday!




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