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Happy Friday!

Guess what? I’m off to a very late start… again!  I bet that does not surprise you! lol  I just kept falling asleep today, so I let myself sleep. I feel rested now. Too bad it’s already 2:00pm. Oh well, that means I’ll have more energy for a late night tonight! I love late nights!

I was a busy girl yesterday and uploaded several videos.  If you are interested in my narcissism series, I listed a bunch of narc characteristics in this vid.   I also took you for a ride to Dollar Tree and I made a much requested treat for everyone to see.  A Fluffernutter Sandwich!  I had no clue that was a New England thing! We sure do have cool stuff in our neck of the woods!

Today I hope to work on the newest Pet Montage and tonight I’d like to do another Q&A Session. I also need to get flowers to the cemetery, so when I go there this weekend, I’ll take you with me. Hope to do that maybe tonight when it’s cooler. Oh, would be fun to wait until dark!!! Doubt very much that I’ll do that! lol  Only if Sandy came with me!

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Have a great Friday!



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