Frosty Forest Fabric Panel (2173)

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Image might be blurry because they have low resolution images.

This was a pre-order panel.  I always try to order a few extras when I place the order, so I have some up for grabs if you missed the pre-order.  I’m still using my supplier’s image to save time.

Two blocks measure about 7.75″ wide by 8.25″ tall, give or take a little.

Two blocks measure about 11.5″ wide by 8″ tall, give or take a little.

The big block measures about 20.25″ wide by 21″ tall.

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

SOLD OUT Frosty Forest Fabric Panel (2173)
Exclusive Price: $10.50 + FREE shipping
will be $14.50 for non exclusive shoppers.


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