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Gevalia Deal Still Available! 4 Boxes Coffee for $9.99, FREE Coffeemaker, FREE Shipping

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I can’t wait for my coffeemaker AND coffee to arrive.  The start button on my coffeemaker has been broken for a very long time. I have wiggle and jiggle it with a screwdriver to get it running and yesterday I thought it was going to give out on me for good.  Luckily I was able to get it started.  Just the same, I hope my FREE coffeemaker comes today!

This deal is still available! FREE Coffeemaker and 4 boxes of Gevalia coffee for $9.99 (that’s $9.99 total, not per box!) and FREE shipping

I jumped on this Gevalia deal!  I have posted this in the past at $24.99 plus the cost of shipping and I see that it’s still being offered for that price on their site.  But if you use the link below, you will get everything for just $9.99 and FREE shipping!

Start by clicking HERE

Then go ahead and choose your 4 coffee flavors (or tea) and add them to your shopping cart
I found this to be the hardest step because I just could NOT decide!  I ended up picking Ugandan African Moon, Abyssianian Mokka, Creme Brulee and Royal Vinter Spice.  Don’t worry if you don’t like fancy flavors… they have regular coffee too!

On the next page you will add your FREE coffeemaker (yippee!!! buh bye screwdriver!)

Then you need to schedule your auto-delivery
DON’T WORRY! You can cancel before the next shipment. There is NO commitment! I chose 4 weeks to give me plenty of time to cancel. After your order arrives you can cancel and you still keep the coffeemaker! You can call this number to cancel but wait until after you get your order! 1-800-438-2542

I think on the next page you will see that the $5.95 shipping charge has been subtracted… FREE SHIPPING!
I don’t know how the free shipping lasts, so don’t drag your feet!

The rest is just a matter of entering your credit card and shipping info.  Just make sure you see your 4 boxes of coffee in your order and your free coffemaker and the total should be $9.99!

This makes an awesome gift for both Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, any birthday, a house warming party, or you can even put it away for Christmas!

I can’t wait for us to all be drinking our Gevalia coffee together!


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