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HANNAFORD COUPON: $2 Off $5 of Meat

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I have been meaning to tell you about the new Hannaford coupon that you can pick up at the butcher bar in the meat department… but I keep forgetting!

This coupon is good for $2 off any Meat Value Purchase of $5 or more!

Here’s what I know…

Meat Value Purchase pretty much means any package of meat that is $5 or more.

You can also use it on multiple packages as long at the total value is $5, provided you get a cashier who understands the wording (it states meat value purchase, not meat value package)

You can use the coupon with a peelie coupon, however, if you buy meat and only meat, the total needs to be $5 after you scan the peelie or the coupon will beep, at least at the self scan.

If you pick up a package of meat that is at least $5 and use a peelie that brings the total below $5, as long as you have something else in your cart to bring the total to over $5 after the peelie, the coupon will work. The coupon does not state that the actual meat value has to be $5 after coupons, so you’re good to go!

This coupon is good through October 31!

Here is a deal I did as an example:

Bought 1 package of round steak priced at $7.01 (I did not buy anything else). It had a $2 off peelie. After scanning the peelie (I was at self scan) the price went to $5.01. I was able to use the $2 off and got the meat for only $3.01… awesome!!!


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2 comments to HANNAFORD COUPON: $2 Off $5 of Meat

  • Patricia

    I could not find this coupon, so I asked the store manager about it.  She called down to the meat department and was told that they never got any and that it is probably only a promotional in some stores.  She did say, however, that there is a $2 meat coupon spitting out randomly with some register receipts. 

  • Madamlaury

    How do I print it?