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How I’m rolling my Shaw’s $20 OYNO Catalina Coupons!

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Here’s how I’m working the Shaw’s gift card deal to score lots of goodies wicked cheap! Before I start, I want to let you know that this is the first time I do a gift card deal like this.  And my awesome Shaw’s helped me learn the ropes! They are absolutely awesome in Sanford! And they don’t pay me to say that! lol

I know some of you shop at certain Shaw’s that are not a willing to show their love for couponers.  If you have issues, do your survey that is on the bottom of your receipt and be honest! Not only can you win $100 by doing the survey, but Shaw’s will listen to what you have to say! It might help!

You can see the gift card deal is HERE and it’s going on through 11/28. You can use the MasterCard to purchase another MasterCard. You can’t use the $20 catalina to purchase a gift card, but you can use it toward the activation fee.

I know some are getting the full $2.00 value of the EE bogo coupon even when buying something less than $1.00.  That never happened for me.  And yes, I did lots of transactions! This was over two nights.

If your store is out of $100 mastercards, ask if they have more! Sanford says they have plenty!

I was going to break down every single transaction, but after a few attempts, I gave up. It would just take too long.  Instead, I’ll show you how I did a few to give you an idea of how to do this.

The trick is to get as close to $120 after all other coupons. Then you use your $20 cat and $100 gift card to pay the bill!

I bought a $100 MasterCard and paid $5.95 activation fee
OOP (out of pocket) was $5.95
I’m not out that $100 because I now have it in the form of a mastercard
Got $20 catalina toward my next purchase.

I bought (1) package Sanford Town Trash Bags for $10
I bought (2) EE Food Storage Bags at $2.59 each
I bought (1) Bread in reduced for $1.20
I bought another $100 mastercard plus $5.95 activation fee
Total was $122.35 including tax
I used (1) EE bogo coupon, deducted $2.00
I used $20 cat and $100 gift card
OOP was $.35
I got another $20 catalina

I bought (2) gallons Milk at $3.80 each
I bought (8) Del Monte Canned Mixed Veggies on sale for $1.00 each
I bought (2) Ramen Noodles at $.25 each
I bought another $100 mastercard plus $5.95 activation fee
Total should have been $122.05 but it subtracted $.06 tax?, so $121.99
I used (2) $.50/4 Del Monte coupons (doubled to $1.00 off)
I used $20 cat and $100 gift card
OOP was ZERO (it left a penny on my card! lol)
I got another $20 catalina

I bought a Beef Roast at $17.96
I bought another $100 mastercard plus $5.95 activation fee
Total was $123.91
I used $3.00 off stickie coupon on the meat
I used the penny left on the previous card (yes, I did!)
I used $20 cat and $100 gift card
OOP was $.90
I got another $20 catalina

And I just kept going and going and going.

I got…
5 Sanford Trash Bags (those would normally cost $50 total!!!)
2 EE Nutty Nuggets cereal
2 Glad Cling Wrap
4 EE Ketchup
2 Cains Mayo
2 EE Canned Apricot
2 Beef Pot Roasts (one not in photo, in my belly)
2 EE Vegetable Oil
1 Argo Cornstarch
2 EE Brown Sugar
2 EE Raisin Canister
2 EE Sandwich Bags
2 EE Butter
8 EE Toilet Paper 1000 Sheets 4 Pack
8 Boxes Gelatin
2 McCormick Spices
2 Canola Oil
2 EE Storage Bags
1 Bread
2 Ramen Soup
8 Cans Del Monte Veggies
2 Gallons Milk

The total for the stuff I got (at sale price) is $205.39
After coupons and cats…
I paid $11.27 OOP
And that includes initial $5.95 activation fee, so everything in pic was only $5.32!
And I still have a $20.00 cat left over (and a $100 mastercard)
And guess where I’m going tomorrow!


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43 comments to How I’m rolling my Shaw’s $20 OYNO Catalina Coupons!

  • Cathy

    I was told by Shaws in Falmouth that you can not purchase one of the Mastercards with a mastercard. I purchases a $100 mastercard (the correct one) and got the $20 cat. I went back through the line with another $100 mastercard and approx. $15 groceries. With the activation fee, I totaled $121.00. Paid for my bill with the first MC and the $20 cat. They allowed me to complete the transaction, but brought over 2 managers to tell me that Shaws prohibits the purchase of one of these MC with a MC. told me that I could not do it again……

  • Nat

    At Shaw’s in South Portland the cashiers are instructed to ring the purchase of the card as a separate transaction from all your other purchases. This way the $20 cat cannot be used toward the activation fee.:(

  • I hit shaws tonight…saw a woman in line having trouble with the card deal, but I could not hear what the problem was. She didnt look happy, so I was then hesitant to try this out. I proceeded to ask cashiers questions, as it appears they are out of the $100 gift cards, and you cannot use the ones that state $20-$500. The cashier told me I could use 4- $25 gift cards to get the catalina…but the activation fees made it just about not worth it! I probed with more questions, and found out I could use 2- $50 cards….which brought my activation fees to $9.90….leaving me a $10.10 shopping trip off the $20 catalina. I said ok….Ill try this. I ended up doing 8 transactions…the first being the purchase of the 2-$50 cards, and grabbing my catalina. I walked out each time to unload groceries, then went back in, purchased 2 more cards, and $10 worth of items. I ended up with $296.24 worth of groceries before savings, coupons, and catalina, and spent only $17.14 OOP!!! Thanks Darlene!!!!! Biggest trip Ive ever done, and best savings of 94%!

    • Zero OOP

      Ah, but were you able to roll the initial 2-$50 gift cards purchased from Shaw’s to use as payment for the subsequent 2-$50 gift cards?

      Or did you have to pay with other means (cash, credit card, check, anything non-Shaw’s)?

      The best case MM before they changed the rules was to buy one $100 MC giftcard, pay the $5.95 fee and get $100 MC giftcard and $20 grocery coupon.

      So, on your first GC purchase, you make $14.05 in grocery money (deducting $5.95 fee from $20 coupon), and still have $100 to spend anywhere you like.

      Here’s the rinse and repeat:

      1. Buy another $100 MC giftcard.
      2. Use the $20 grocery coupon (it scans clean, discounts the purchase by $20, and no bells go off).
      3. Pay $85.95 with the $100 MC giftcard you just bought.
      4. Pocket the remaining $14.05 MC giftcard.
      5. Go to Step 1.

      How many times before someone says something is YMMV.

      It is usually the elder cashiers that question why it works, but the youngsters tend to just scan and go if there’s no register alerts.

      If you do it 10 times, you end up with (1) $100 MC giftcard, (1) $20 grocery coupon, and (9) $14.05 MC giftcards in your pocket.

      So, for your initial $105.95 outlay, you just made $126.45 in MC giftcards and $20 in free groceries.

      Now that’s called gaming the system!

      Unfortunately they stopped that opportunity after the second day.

      Happy couponing!

      • Yes, I was able to pay for my gift cards with my purchased gift cards. I had no problems…at Sanford shaws. I did this around 4 or 5 pm yesterday. They knew what I was doing, but gave me no problems with it. They were awesome!

    • Kristin

      HUGE RELIEF! I actually had some trouble because I didn’t read that you needed to buy the specific $100 card, and I bought the $20-$200 card but put $100 on it. the cat didn’t print, but the manager used the first card to buy the $100 card and ate the second activation fee for me. SO nice of him. He specifically said “you’re not supposed to do this – pay for a gift card with a gift card” though, so I am hesitant to go back to that Shaw’s. I may go one near my house instead (original one was near my work). I’m in RI and I don’t think we have as many people doing these types of deals so the managers are less likely to catch on.

  • Pat

    Can you take a picture and show the exact prepaid card you bought at Shaw’s? I don’t want to be out $100 by buying the wrong card just for the $20 cat.