How to Shop My Fabric Frenzies and Flash Sales

** PLEASE READ ** if you are new to my sales or if you think you need a refresher.

Fabric Frenzy 30 will start on Friday, November 27, at 1:00pm eastern time. The sale is for Patrons at the $5 or more level and $4.99 Youtube Members. You will get the link on your platform when the sale starts (patreon or youtube community board).

USA ONLY – Period.

PAYPAL IS NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY – I always get people telling me they can’t order on their phone. Try chrome because safari seems to be the problem. Or hop on a computer.

ADDING TO CART DOES NOT HOLD YOUR ITEMS – If you want a better chance at grabbing something, you must order and pay right away. Adding to cart does not hold items. Even worse, if you add to cart and pay later, paypal will let you buy even if the item is already sold out. When that happens, I refund you.

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CART BEFORE PAYING – Sometimes stuff you added to your cart during past sales will reappear. Yes, paypal has issues. lol  Do NOT order items left in your cart since they are likely sold out.

PAYPAL SOMETIMES LETS ME OVER SELL – Like I said, paypal has issues, especially with their payment buttons. They often don’t update and they let me oversell. I refund when that happens and please know I absolutely hate to disappoint in that way. It’s out of my control.

IF PAYPAL SAYS SOLD OUT, IT MIGHT NOT BE – If I have only 2 of something left and you order 3 of that item, paypal will tell you it’s sold out. Try ordering 2 or 1 if you are willing to buy the smaller amount. You might just get it!

SOMETIMES I REALLY HAVE SOLD OUT OF ITEMS – When I sell out, I manually update my blog. But I am not at my computer constantly, and even when I am, I often fall behind because orders sometimes come in batches, especially during the first couple of hours of the sale. Also, paypal sometimes puts my quantity at zero even if I have something left. When I notice that, I will fix the button to reflect what I actually have.

LET ME KNOW if a certain link is not working or if I forgot to add the paypal button or if the price in the cart does not match what I stated… stuff like that. You can email me at

IF I MAKE A MISTAKE ON PRICE and if it’s in your favor a little bit, I’ll honor it. But please know that I reserve the right to cancel the sale and refund you, especially if it’s a major mistake. Then I will list the item again at the correct price.

I TRY TO HAVE ALL fabric frenzy orders in the mail by Thursday, if at all possible. But this frenzy is big, so it might be Friday and could even be Saturday.  I will keep you updated as I ship out.

THANK YOU in advance for your orders or for even just checking stuff out. I hope you can find something you like!