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I Opened a New eBay Store!!!

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Visit My New eBay Store!

Way back in the day, when ebay first started their store feature, I had one and loved it.  Then when I quit my sewing business, I shut down my store.

Now it’s to the point that I really need a store again.  Why?  The main reason is because it allows me to “close the store” while I’m on vacation or during fabric frenzies. Up until now, each time I travel, I have to delete all my listings before I travel then put them all back up when I get back. Not only is that time-consuming, but it counts as a new listing each time I list.  And during the frenzies, it’s too easy to oversell if I’m selling in both places at the same time, so I usually take them down.  Stores are going to solve that problem for me!

Stores will also be more handy for you.  You can click on the categories you are most interested in to see what I have.  I’m just now setting the store up, so expect changes along the way. It will take a bit to get it the way I want it.  I don’t even know all the perks of a store yet. It’s soooooo different from when I had a store before.

I will still be offering Patrons and Youtube Members reduced prices during the fabric frenzies.  That’s the place to be in you like fabric and want to score great deals. But with a store, I’ll be more encouraged to list penny auctions, ’cause those are just plain fun!

I will also have more tunics soon. I’ve decided it works better for me if I sew a batch of them then have one day when I take all the pics. Moving my mannequin around is a pain in the ass and I don’t always have good lighting (like pretty much never) so when it’s a good time to take pics, more tunics and other garments will be up.

And I’ll also be selling india tapestries too! Stay tuned for all that stuff… coming soon!

Visit My New eBay Store!


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