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I have officially fallen victim to another addiction.  Move over crumb quilting, I’ve got selvages calling out to me!

Before you even read this, run to your fabric trash and pull out all your selvages, even if they are only 2 inches long (that will cover a corner, baby!).  Then come back and finish reading this. And forgive yourself for ever tossing a selvage out. You won’t do it again.

I have known about sewing selvages together for quilts or other projects, but I just didn’t think I’d like the looks of that. I was completely wrong!  I frigging love selvage blocks!  I have been playing with ideas for a couple of weeks now and I want to show you everything. But I can’t.  At least not all in one video.

I’m going to start with some simple diagonal blocks and will share my tips on how to do them assmbly line style.  This is so quick and easy and fun! You are going to love it!

And the blocks are simply beautiful!

I just wanted to get you excited for a video tonight.  Not sure when it will be uploaded, but I really am aiming for tonight.  Be sure you subscribe to my channel and click that notification bell. Then I think there is a drop down or something so you can choose how you want to be notified.  I really don’t know, but other youtubers say that, so I’m saying it too. lol

Just subscribe to my channel already. And also join my Peanut Gallery group because I post all my videos in that group.  Be sure those notifications are on too.

“See” you tonight!  So excited!

Look at what happened today!  I hit 90K subscribers! For sure I will hit 100K in 2020! Thank you to all my subscribers!


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