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I started to create a new sewing room so I can start sewing again!!! For those of you who don’t know, I had a sewing biz for 11 years and sold my D-Zines by Darlene on my website and eBay. I was obsessed with that business and spent every waking moment sewing and listing auctions. I specialized in plus size tunics for very large women who could not find anything that fit.  The majority of my customers were in the 300 to 500 pound range, and I dressed them in bright, bold colors and wild and crazy prints… stuff they could never find in a store.  It was an awesome 11 years, but in 2011, I started to burn out.

It just so happens that I started couponing in the spring of 2011.  I quickly realized that I was saving so much money that it was a good time to quit sewing and move on to something new. So, I completed my last batch of clothing orders that summer and started my blog in August. The transition was smooth.  I pretty much just switched from one obsession to another! lol

Lately, I’ve been getting the itch to sew again.  I’ll never go back to sewing as much as I did before, but I’d love to be able to sew a little bit so I experience both passions at once. Sewing and couponing! What fun!

So, maybe you’ll see some of my D-Zines by Darlene popping up this spring!  At bargain prices, of course 🙂


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