India Tapestry – Red & Purple Florals (3162)

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Click images for larger view.

You get the India Tapestry that you see in the images.

This one measures 66 inches by 90 inches.

You can totally use this for quilt blocks or for a quilt backing. Or use for a bedspread or tablecloth since that’s what it’s typically for. You can also use as a wall hanging.  Or cut the fabric to make clothing, tote bags, pillows or anything you want.

I have purchased hundreds of these and it’s very common to find flaws in the weave and print due to the rustic way these are made.

You will want to wash this separately, maybe twice, then tumble dry each time. The dye can have a strong odor and there is usually some sand since they are often laid out on the sand to dry. You can even find what I assume is a camel hair now and then because they are also carried on the backs of camels.

This will come to you in the original packaging.  I took one out for the images and put it back in the packaging and taped it shut.

This is not a true tapestry. It is printed, but they call it a tapestry.

SOLD OUT India Tapestry – Red & Purple Florals (3162)
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non-exclusive price: $32.00


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