Loralie Sitting Pretty Medley Fabric Panel (2350)

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The entire panel measures about 43″ wide by 23.5″ tall.

You can fussy cut the blocks if you want. There would be 32 blocks, each measuring about 5″ square.

The chairs border strip measures about 3.5″ tall by 43″ long.

The flowers border strip measures about 2.75″ tall by 23.5″ long.

NOTE: They leave very little room between that top border and the next panel. I can barely fit my scissors in that space. This is the second bolt of Loralie panels that I cut and both times that border was cut in half on the first panel and the last panel.  I honestly think I’m supposed to cut through that border, but what a waste! I love the panels, but cutting is a nightmare.

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SOLD OUT Loralie Sitting Pretty Medley Fabric Panel (2350)
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