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Monday Chat – 10K Peanut Gallery Members, Started My Mother’s Quilt, It’s COLD!!!

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Happy Monday everyone!

It’s freezing cold here in Sanford, Maine!  Yesterday, I ran to Walmart (sans camera) because I needed a new blade for my rotary cutter, and I took off with no jacket thinking it was nice out.  It was 19 degrees and windy!  I was freezing! lol  But, it felt sort of good and rejuvenated me.

Once I had my new blade, I started my mother’s birthday quilt!  It’s going much quicker than I thought. I completed the 8 rows needed for the top. Today I will work on the back strips and start putting it together.  And I am recording the steps along the way.  I hope it comes out good.

The only video I recorded yesterday was my quick Thank You to the Peanut Gallery for getting me over 10K subscribers on Youtube. I’m very proud of that accomplishment!  Now my next goal is 50K and I know we will get there!

Have a great Monday!



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