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It’s Monday!

Today is a big day for my mother. She’s having a tooth extracted, that’s if she’s goes through with it. It no longer hurts so she’s thinking of just keeping the tooth.  The appointment is in Rochester, NH which is not far, but about 30 mintues away. We need to get their early for paper work and stuff and just because my mother is one who insists on leaving very early for an appointment. Just the getting in and out of the car is a very slow process. Then the appointment. The waiting. It’s going to take a big chunk out of my day.  So I’m up early to get my daily blog stuff done before we go. And of course, I barely got any sleep because I can’t sleep when I know I have to get up. Very anxious to be back in bed tonight. lol

When we get back, I really need to work on the next Fabric Frenzy which is on Saturday, March 3.  I need to work on that every day because getting the listings up takes a long time.  I was doing a good job but then dropped the ball. That also led to me losing sleep last night. I only have 15 listings and I want 50.  I need to get busy with that!

Yesterday, I uploaded a Lacy Ladder Crochet Stitch video.  I really like the simplicity of this stitch.  I also worked some more on the crocheted tote bag that I’m recording. I hope to have that video done tomorrow.

I also published my Harsh Paper Sounds ASMR video.  What a chore that was!  For some reason, after I saved the project and opened it the next day for more editing, all the audio clips shifted so nothing was synced. I had to fix all 47 clips by hand.  And when I’d fix one, it would screw up some that I fixed.  I never, ever want to go through an editing nightmare like that again.  I worked on that for over 4 hours and I’m not even sure if I got it all.  I finally just gave published it.  So if you see parts that are not in sync, that’s why.


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