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Happy Monday everyone!

I woke up late today!  I think that means I’ll be full of energy and ready to go!  Not sure what I have planned, but I know it will be fun!

Yesterday, I was hot for the first time this year and I hated it.  I was actually sweating.  It does not help that I was sewing and the lights next to my sewing machine are hot and so was the steam from the iron.  Let the “hot alerts” begin!

Now that I mentioned sewing, I made another block for the Quilt Block Party!  This one was inspired by my friend, Sandy Pro, who also has her own youtube channel!  Please check out block #12 along with all the other blocks.  I’m working my way to 20 blocks, only 8 more to go!

I also recorded my first attempt at weaving on my new 32 notch rope loom.  How did it go?  Not so good at first!  But I’m happy to say that I worked on another rope last night and it went much better!  I had to get right back on that horse!

Have a great Monday!



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