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Happy Monday!

Only two more weeks and Skylar will be here!  Of course, I’m anxious to see Derrick too. This is the first time that I do not fly out to pick Skylar up.  Instead, Derrick will be bringing her. He can only stay two nights, but then I’ll see him again when he comes back to pick her up.

I was busy yesterday with my camera!  I recorded a Tag Along with Me video, and at the same time, I also recorded segments for my Growing Up Crazy channel. That was confusing, but fun! I’m going to love the freedom my new channel will bring me. Letting off steam will be so healing for me!

I also uploaded a new bead video. This one shows you how you can turn a small scrap of a magazine page into some beautiful chunky beads! Check out this Chunky Bead Tutorial here!

Today, I plan on going back to the cemetery to put flowers on my son’s paternal grandparents grave. They have no one around here any more to give them flowers. I don’t know why I never thought to do this for them. I hope to do it from now on.

I also need to whip up another concoction video! Not sure what I can make with ingredients on hand, but I’d like to try something. My Concoction videos get lots of views. My hair videos get the most (LOL), then usually Tag Alongs, and then Concoctions! Go figure!

Have a great Monday!



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