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Monday Chat – Did I Eat Cake??? ASMR, Random Facts, Movies I Love, Vote in the Poll

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Happy Monday everyone!

I’m a little bit excited about today!  First and foremost, it’s quite possible that I will get some Peanut Gallery Mail in my mailbox today.  I don’t know when the last time was that I was excited about mail.  I know as a young teen, I used to run to the mailbox when it was TV Guide delivery day.  I loved the old TV Guide and would read it from end to end and would also do the crossword puzzle. But now, the thought of having used clothing delivered to me so I can turn them into Upcycled Fashions is beyond exciting.  I hope I can make everyone proud of what I do with the clothing!

I was in a recording mood yesterday!  I started with a Quick Poll so you can decide which fabric to use as the inside lining of the tote bag I’m making for my 10K subbies giveaway.  That poll is still open so please go vote!

Then I uploaded a Random Facts of Maine video (final one for that series) and a new Movies I Love video (Rosemary’s Baby) back to back.  I will be starting a new kind of Random Facts series soon!

Last but not least, I uploaded a 30 minute ASMR video with sounds of me jingling my handmade paperclip necklaces that I made a while back.  I remember people commenting when I showed those necklaces how they loved the sounds the necklaces made, so I knew if I ever got in to making ASMR videos, those would be featured.  I love those sounds too!

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and the day was just calm and peaceful.  We could not ask for more!  My sister visited and I made them spaghetti with meat sauce and also let them help themselves to the cake I picked up for my mother and also some pumpkin pie (both from this tag along).  And for curious minds that want to know, the answer is NO!  I did not eat cake.  I did not eat pasta.  I ate meat.  I drank water.  I know many think a special occasion like a birthday is a ticket to “treating” yourself just a little, like it’s a well deserved prize or like it’s some sort of insult if you don’t join in. But I don’t see it as a treat or a prize.  I see it as a form of self punishment. I see it as an open door to disaster.  Would you ever tell a heroin addict it’s okay to have just a little as a treat?

And finally, it’s Dancing with the Stars tonight!  My mother’s very favorite show.  I will be watching it with her for sure.  If I work, it will be during the commercials.  Because… workaholic.

Have a great Monday!



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