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Happy Monday!

Skylar has been here for one week now and I survived! The house is a bit of a disaster, but I’m doing fine other than just not getting enough sleep. And I’m quite aware that we will not have enough time to do all the things I hoped we could do. But we sure have been busy every day, so we really can’t do more than that!

Yesterday we recorded a Concoctions video! And it really turned out to be a concoction because I had a very hard time following that simple recipe. I guess it’s because I rarely follow them, so my head was getting the ingredients mixed up. It still turned out delish!

Not sure what we will do today, but I know we need to go out for potatoes. Skylar loves baked potatoes and has one every night for a snack. But I just gave the last potato to my mother for her lunch so we need more!

Did I mention the house is a mess? I hope to get some of that cleaned up today!  Will I even get close to starting that task? Only time will tell! lol

Have a great Monday!



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