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Happy Monday everyone!

Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week.  It’s the beginning of the work week for many, and although my days are all the same, I love the idea of starting off a fresh new week of work.  I know many hate Mondays because they go back to work.  If that’s the case for you, my goodness, get another job!  We spend way too many hours working during our lifetime. Might as well absolutely love what we do!

Enough working pep talk. lol

Yesterday, Skylar and I were quite busy.  We finished packing all the fabric and I got the notice that they were picked up by my mail carrier this morning.  Then we opened peanut gallery mail but that video is not uploaded yet. It’s not even close to being completely edited.  I must work on that all day and get it up as soon as I can because it’s mailbag monday and I want it up today!

It’s a good thing I recorded a Snippets video yesterday because that’s the only video I was able to knock out. Then youtube was having uploading issues (maybe super busy, I don’t know) and it took ALL NIGHT for my video to get published.  It’s finally there.  In it, you will see me finish a mini quilt for Skylar’s teddy bear!  It came out so cute!

We also went in the cellar to look at fabric and Skylar pulled stuff she’s like me to use to make her some tops and also a pair of palazzo pants.  I hope we can do that today.  I also must schedule some bead auctions to come out on July 1st.  Must do that today because scheduling auctions is time consuming yet I’m determined to have some up and running for the first of the month as usual.

What else… not too much else to say.  I need milk so I will at least be going out for that later.  Skylar has no interest in going out during this visit.  She even said no to Dollar Tree for today and shrugged when asked if she will at least go to the fireworks.  We have not been able to record any ride along videos like I planned.  Oh well, I must go with the flow.  I want her happy here and if she wants to stay home, I’m all for that.  Because… hermit. No need to twist my arm.

Have a great Monday!  Darlene xoxo


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