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Monday Chat – Skylar Tomorrow! In Home Care Today for My Mother! Super Busy!

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Happy Monday everyone!

I woke up on the early side.  And instead of going back to bed like I usually do, I stayed up because my mother has 3 different people coming today for in home care.  We will be busy with that for several hours.

Two of the appointments require me sitting with them for paper work, OT and Personal Aide.  Do not like the paper work part. The last appointment has been here before so that one is easy.  It’s for my mother’s shower and I don’t have to be involved.  This help is all very temporary.  I asked my mother’s doctor for a referral just so I could have a break for a bit and have others come in.  They said it might be for just a month.  Medicare won’t cover it for longer than that if it’s not absolutely necessary. And since my mother can still do a lot for herself, and since I’m here 24/7, it’s not considered absolutely necessary.  To me it is, but not to them.

Also, I’m hoping to get to bed early tonight because I have to get up early tomorrow to head out to the airport to pick up Derrick and Skylar!  They arrive at noon.  I’ll be leaving the house around 10:45am, so must get up at least an hour before that.  Already worried that I won’t get enough sleep.  I don’t like to drive on no sleep.

Yesterday, I uploaded 2 videos for your viewing pleasure.  I started with a Tag Along with Me – Dollar Tree Haul.  I got 26 items! Mostly stuff for Skylar and my mother.

And then I anxiously recorded Part 2 of my Can I Roll This Shit video.  I was obsessed with the beads the night before and showed you some new tips for how you can make the shelf liner beads even quicker and easier!

Not sure what I have planned for today.  I can’t do any recording until everyone is out of the house.  That will be around 3pm (three hours of people here, will I be able to survive??? lol but not really lol).  My goal is the new Embellish the Quilt Blocks series that I want to start.  And I’m hoping I can continue that during Skylar’s visit.

And I might be able to knock something else out too.  I wish I was better at doing voice overs where I could just show various footage and not care about the background noise, then just do a voice over the footage.  But I suck at that.  I think it’s because Windows Movie Maker is not equipped to make that easy on us.  Maybe if I can ever learn a new video editor, well maybe I can do voice overs more easily.

Have a great Monday!  Darlene xoxo

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