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Monday Chat – Tag Along Yesterday, Youtube Update Too, Not Sure About Today.

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Happy Monday everyone!

I’m suddenly so sad.  Skylar is only going to be here for 5 weeks, not 5.5.  I was so sure I booked their return trip around the 22nd of July but it’s the 19th!  Now I feel like I lost precious time.  Tomorrow is already one week down. Only 4 weeks left!  It suddenly does not seem like enough time.  I don’t like losing those few days that I thought we had together.  Oh well… I’m sure the booking was not working out and that’s why I booked the way I did.

Let’s talk a bit about yesterday.  We did so much stuff!  Played games, painted, shopped, laughed, cried (her, a little, me, not yet… lol) and we ate some good meat!  She even asked for meat last night as a snack.  Thinly sliced london broil cooked in butter with sharp cheddar cheese melted on top.  Simply delish!  But she eats other stuff too. Not just meat.  So back off, haters!

We went to Walmart for a few things and we took you with us.  It was so incred hot in the store!  Seriously, I’m sure some people could not shop due to the humidity.  Just crazy!

I also managed to upload my Youtube Earnings Update last night.  So far, it’s a good month!  Check it out!

Not sure what we have on the agenda for today.  I’d like to maybe go out if it’s not too hot. Don’t know.  I sometimes wish our summer vacations together could be away from this house, far away, like maybe Florida or something.  A change of family dynamics would be nice.  Lots of stress in this house.  You know what I mean, jelly bean?

Update:  I’m currently making clothing for stuffed animals.  I do not have the camera on.  I need to be able to do some stuff sans camera.  But maybe we can show you what I made later and also might be able to show how I used baby clothing as patterns for stuffed animals and dolls.  After Skylar leaves.

Have a great Monday!  Darlene xoxo


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