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It’s Monday.

I’m just so down and out.  And the fact that I’m down and out on a Monday makes things worse because it’s usually my favorite day of the week. But things are all turned upside down and I’m pretty much miserable.

Yes, I know. I’m complaining a lot lately. If it bothers you, please stop reading my daily chats. If you can’t stop reading them, then you might have train wreck syndrome where you thive on other people’s misery.  And hey, if that’s why you’re here, I’m good with that.

Let’s focus on the good stuff. I accomplished some things on yesterday’s to do list. Just some, but better than none.  I think I’ll get the rest of the list crossed off today.

I expect to have all packages ready for the mail tomorrow. I worked long and hard on that yesterday and well into the night.  I got more done than I expected. Happy about that.

Today I have a new task. I need to hit Hannaford. Trouble is I’m feeling quite ill at the moment. I’m hoping it passes. If I can’t get out today, I will go tomorrow. But I’m really hoping I can go today. If I go, and if I’m up to it, I will record a car vlog.

Yesterday, I also managed to move the frenzy stuff over to eBay. Now I have Penny Auctions along with Buy It Now Fixed Price Listings. You can use the tabs on this page to view All or just Auctions or just BIN stuff. At least that’s how it works on a PC. No clue about devices.

I can’t list any new Penny Auctions for a few days because I’m having a procedure done a week from tomorrow and I don’t want auctions to be ending while I’m recouping from that. I’m actually going to try to take a day or two off for that. Try. Bet I don’t. lol  I will start listing again in a few days so auctions will be running while I’m recouping.

I think I need to lay down. This lack of sleep is killing me. Last night it dawned on me that my procedure is just a week away and I went into complete panic mode. I also had to get up for an appointment this morning which also sends me into a tizzy. Did. Not. Sleep.

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