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It’s Monday! Do love!

I feel better today, at least so far.  I have many things I must do today, or at least attempt to do today. Some of the things on my list are things I love to procrastinate over.

One thing I must do is finish a letter to the IRS.  No, not about any kind of phone call scam. Not any kind of scam at all. Just yet another IRS mess that has popped up that I will fight to the end because I’m right. I talked about that issue here.

I also want to record for my newest scrappy afghan that I’m working on.  I hope to be done that project this week then off it will go for Derrick to edit.  Then I will immediately start a new crocheted project for a future video!

I also want to plan my next easy quilt top, or maybe just a quilt block, not sure. But I want very much to do something. I need to get back to upcycled fashions too!  I have some wacky ideas for that series. Must. Just. Do. It.

Derrick and I will be having a business meeting tonight over the phone. I’m going to walk him through all he needs to know about finding sound clips, videos and images in the public domain so he can start helping me with those kinds of videos on my asmr channel. Those videos are very time consuming, so it will be a great big help to me.

Speaking of asmr, I need to record for that too, either today or tomorrow.  And Thursday I have an appointment at the cancer center… and it’s in the morning. You have no clue how much that upsets my entire week. It’s not the fact that I’m going to a cancer center. It’s the fact that it’s before noon. All appointments screw me up. Early ones are even worse. Yes, I know. I’m a fucking mess.

Must get this day started!  Not sure what I’ll do first, but it’s Monday so I have lots to choose from! Do love Mondays!

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