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My Friend Selina is Shaving Her Head Bald for Cancer!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

My Youtube friend, Selina Ryan, will be shaving her head to raise money for cancer!  If she reaches her goal, she will shave her head during a live stream.  If her goal is not reached, she will still shave her head and upload to youtube, but it will not be live.

Her goal is $500.  She is asking for even just $1.00 per person!  Any amount will help

She has several videos about this and I have them all linked below.  But the most informative one is featured above. At the end, it will walk you through the easy donation process.  I got stuck at the phone number part, but then watched her video and realized you do NOT need to enter a phone number.  And your donation can be anonymous.

Please at least check out her videos and share if you can.  I want very much to help her reach her goal.  She is a long time and loyal member of the peanut gallery!

Shaving It All Off | Please Support Me | Selina Ryan

Going Bald | Update | Selina Ryan

Will I Reach My Goal??? | Shaving My Head | Selina Ryan


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