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My Mom’s 90th Birthday Party!

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We celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday today!  She had 4 of her 6 grandsons here, along with her 5 great-grandchildren.  It was an awesome day, and my mom wants to thank everyone from my blog and facebook page who sent her cards!  She got a big basket full and opened them all during her party!

This is my mom, Marguerite. She turns 90 on the 19th!  By the way, she crocheted her outfit, with no pattern (makes it up as she goes)!

Grand memere with her great grandkids, Jesse, Dean, Maggie, Nora and Skylar (my granddaughter)

Another view… Nora, Maggie, Jesse, Dean, Skylar

Memere with her grandsons, Wayne, Ron, Derrick (my son) and Scott

Mom, with her two daughters, Dolores and Darlene (that would be me!)

We love you mom, memere, grand memere!  Happy birthday!!!


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19 comments to My Mom’s 90th Birthday Party!

  • Roberta

    Darlene! Your Mom is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t believe she will be 90 years old. You have a lovely family, inside and out!
    I’m so happy that you were all able to get together to make her Birthdaay Wishes come true!!

  • Monicalynn

    YOUR MOM looks Amazing for 90 , she looks 70 WOW – Beautiful Family <3

  • Patricia N.

    Wow! Hope I look that good at 90 (if I live that long, LOL).

  • Patty Garvin

    You Mom is very attractive! Glad she allowed picture taking. lol
    Very nice pictures ~ happy you had such a wonderful party.

  • Michelle B

    Your mother is beautiful and what a nice job she does with her crocheting!! 🙂 Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

  • Michael

    Your mom definitely looks at least a couple decades younger than you said she is. Hope you had a fantastic day with the entire family.