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My Newest Scraps Video Came Out of the Gate Strong!

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Holy shit! My newest video, See What I Made With These Fabric Scraps, is really taking off. Very excited to see this!

The gray area is where my videos usually are. That dark blue line is where this new video is!  It’s 24 hours old at the time of this post.  The other stats are not in yet (always delayed a day or two) but the realtime stats for views and watch time show this video might be a good earner for February!

Here’s what Youtube said inside my account…
“Nice work, your video is really taking off! It got 147% more views than usual in its first 24 hours. You typically receive 3,600–5,000 views in this timeframe.”

So happy when I get lots of people jumping to watch.  I’m quickly learning that videos that deal with fabric scraps are good, at least for me, at least for now.

The last video that came out of the gate hot like that was How I Turn Narrow Fabric Scraps Into New Fabric. That video is two months old now and has earned over $2,500 so far.  Not too shabby! I see that it only got 7.7K views and 2.0K watch time in its first 24 hours.  My newest video got more! Anxious for the revenue stats to come in.

Things constantly change, but I’m for sure encouraged to do more scraps videos.  Lucky for me that’s what I love!!!

Thank you to everyone who watched my newest video. If you have not watched yet, what are you waiting for? Watch now!

Oh, and if you check out that video and you’re wondering why it shows less views than in my analytics, that’s because the public count is delayed.  Only I get to see what’s really happening behind the scenes… and now you, because I just showed you!

UPDATE:  The video has been up for 48 hours now.  My percentage of views increased from 147% to 206%!  I currently have just over 16K views. Here’s what youtube says…
“Nice work, your video is really taking off! It got 206% more views than usual in its first 48 hours. You typically receive 4,600–6,300 views in this timeframe.”

You can see that it’s still climbing. It’s at a slower rate, but climbing!!

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