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My Shaw’s Shopping List – All I Want is My Cheap Chicken and FREE Horizon Mac & Cheese

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Hey everyone!  Here’s is my new shopping list for Shaw’s.  Each week I will be posting my shopping list so you can see what I’m stocking up on.  If you need the same items, you can stock up too!

Please note that I’ll be doing lots of stocking up just by shopping sales with no coupons.  So if you’d like to save money on groceries without clipping coupons, be sure you come back every week to see what I’m getting.

If you want to search for coupons, use my coupon database (link is always at the top of the blog).

At Shaw’s 8/14 – 8/20 (see flyer)


MUST HAVE – Split Chicken Breast – $.99/lb (see here)

My favorite chicken of all time is broiled chicken breast on the bone with the skin. I will be buying maybe 4 packages of this chicken if I can make room in the freezer. I will also make a video showing you how to broil chicken breast, so if that’s something you’ve never tried but would like to try, stay tuned!


MUST HAVE – Horizon Mac & Cheese – FREE (see here)

I printed my coupons for the mac & cheese and will pick up my 4 free boxes.  There are other coupons making them cheap, so you should print as many coupons as you can get your hands on and stock up!


That’s it for me!  It will be an easy week. Of course, I might also pick up some stuff in reduced.


Other Items You Might Want to Stock Up On – No Coupons Needed


Perri Sausage – $1.99 16 oz (see here)

This is a good price for sausage and you can do so much with it!  Use it in spaghetti sauce or on pizza or in hot sandwiches. It comes in sweet or hot. Great time to stock up if you have room in your freezer!


Ground Turkey – $2.99/lb (see here)

This is a great price for lean ground turkey!  I might have to add this to my list if I have room in the freezer!


Cottonelle 24 Rolls or Scott Toilet Paper 20 Rolls – $9.99 (see here)

This is a good price for TP if you don’t feel like using coupons.  But you might find coupons for this deal to make it even better. Search here.


Cabbot Cheese Bars or Shredded – $1.99 (see here)

If you always buy cheese, you might want to pick up a few bars or bags at this price. Remember, you can freeze cheese! Search here for coupons if you want.


Fiora Toilet Paper Deals (see here)

If you like Fiora, you should check this post because you can get a fantastic deal on the toilet paper with coupons, or a good deal without. The paper towel deal is not that great. I don’t want to pay more than $.50 for a roll of PT.


I will have the Shaw’s Deals Roundup WITH Coupons posted on Thursday night so please come back.


Eat from your stockpile. That’s why you built it!


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