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My Top 10 Highest Earning Videos for Last Week 12/28/20 – 1/3/21

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

Below is a list of my Top 10 highest earning videos for the week of 12/28/20 – 1/3/21.  If you have not seen these videos, now is a great time to binge watch!

See previous Top 10 posts here (then scroll down)

You can see the Previous Weeks & Monthly Earnings below

Top 10 highest earners from ads.  Remember, the earnings are for just the one week, not for the life of the video.

  1. Watch What I Do With These 2 Inch Squares of Paper – $123.75
  2. Watch Me Make Confetti Quilt Blocks – A New Obsession – $120.24
  3. How to Quilt As You Go (QAYG) with Sashing and Self Binding – $61.31
  4. Watch What I do With a Dollar Tree Clothesline and a Can – $47.78
  5. 720 Awesome 5 Inch Selvages – eBay Penny Auction – $37.14
  6. Easy Heart Quilt Block Tutorial – $34.54
  7. How to Make A Wonky 5 Point Star Quilt Block – $34.20
  8. 5 Ways to Start Crumb Blocks – $31.41
  9. Easy Crocheted Tote Bag – How to Crochet Tutorial for Beginners – $31.20
  10. How to Make Confetti Quilt Blocks Using Narrow Scrappy Strip Sets – $29.94

Total earned from these 10 videos in one week is $551.51
I’m up a bit from last week, but here’s the deal.  December 2020 was my best earning month so far.  Ads pay more in December.  I tried to do lots of sewing and crafty video because those get good ads.  My mini goal was $6,000 and I did it!  I came in at $6,021.53 for the month. And that’s just on my main channel.

My current overall goal is to hit my first $20K month. Can I do it?  Yes, I can! And I will.

I set that $20K goal about a year ago and I keep pecking away at it by setting mini goals along the way.  It keeps youtube interesting for me and it gives me something to look forward to. 

So far, I have reached every goal I have set. My first $100 month, $500 month, $1,000 month and so on. My first $10 day, $100 day, $200 day and so on. It can take a long time to reach my goals, but I always get there. Always. So my first $20,000 month is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. It’s so fun to reach for goals!

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Previous weeks:
12/21/20 – 12/27/20:  $497.53
12/14/20 – 12/20/20:  $769.16
12/7/20 – 12/13/20:  $781.75
11/30/20 – 12/6/20:  $958.51
11/23/20 – 11/29/20:  $944.80
11/16/20 – 11/22/20:  $506.13

11/9/20 – 11/15/20:  $363.70
11/2/20 – 11/8/20:  $387.59
See previous weeks plus the monthly totals on this page. I will try to update with the beginning of the year on that page so you can see how my Top 10 did for the entire year. Then we can compare to see if I do better in 2021!

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